Who we are?


Company Profile

Throughout the two decades along this route has proven the strength and consistent growth of Win Chance Foods that we are prompt to fully achieve our future goals with full dignity. 

Win Chance Foods Co., Ltd. (WCF) was founded in 1985 by Mr.Metha Kornsantiwong or Mr.Ming Der Guan and we are the private company limited with registered capital of 107 million baht. Under his leadership, the company has transformed the business into a unified operating company. All with a common theme “Win Chance Have Strengthened, Win Chance Have Moved Forwarded”

Our sauce factory is located in 4.3 acres at Bangplee Industrial Estate, Samutprakarn and only 15 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport with 300 employees manufacturing 24 hours/day from Monday to Saturday.

With almost 30 years of food manufacturing experiences under the concept “Quality Initiates Success”, we have well-trained and experienced professionals with an enthusiastic can-do attitude. Our strength lies in dedicated R&D team, operation excellences and systematic quality control at source to entrust that our customers shall receive the best end-to-end import solution with WCF as your global partner.

Quality standard achievement

WCF aims to consistency improve production process in accordance with international standard which certified by third party.


Our Vision

To be 1,400 million baht company and consistently efficient food manufacturing & service solution provider with fine quality safety for sustainably ensuring customers communities delights in FY 2017.


Our mission & Core Value

1. Developing and promoting reliable quality and safety systems to meet the world class standard.
2. Managing the whole supply chain efficiently and effectively to continuously increase and go for customer delight.
3. Establishing entrepreneurial mindset at all staff levels and continuously developing people competence and team learning
4. Striving for operations excellences by continuously improving and managing our operations processes in effective and efficient manners.
5. Exploring for business opportunity and always create and expand product distribution channels.
6. Continuously building up research and development competencies by focusing on product innovations and serve solutions in order to consistently ensuring customer satisfactions.


Our environmental care

Our environmental careWCF is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. WCF is located in Industrial Estate and we are constantly exploring in important environmental projects.

We are investing in the wastewater treatment and sludge disposal to ensure that the wastewater from our factory has been treated before being discharged. We are striving to enhance our environment and leave a better world for future generations.

Awards & Recognition

We are proud to be recognized for our unique company and culture at Win Chance Foods. Here are some of the awards
we have received over the past few years ;

Thailand Energy Awards 2010 by Ministry of Energy
Good Governance Best Practice Award 2012 by Ministry of Commerce of Thailand
Thailand Trusted Quality Award 2013 by Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand
SEDEX the collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data has bee registered by 2013